Sikhism Faith

Date: 25th Apr 2018 @ 10:13am

We are having a multi-faith week (WC 21st May). Each class will be learning about a different faith and then sharing their experiences with other classes on the Friday. We will be learning about Sikhism in Reception!

What do you know about Sikhism?

What would you like to find out?

Please post your questions or any information that you find out about this Faith.

Thank you Mrs Kelsall.

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Lily G wrote:

I would like to know when and where do Sikh's pray?

Joshua M wrote:

I have found out that Sikhs believe in one God just like us Christians.
I would like to learn more about the life and work of the Guru Nanak.

Mrs Kelsall wrote:

Good question Lily G: Sikhs pray at the gurdwara. The gurdwara can be a room at home where the family pray. They also visit a large building where many people meet and pray. We have been learning about a building like this in RE Lily, do you remember? You and your friends have helped Mrs G paint this special place. The Golden Temple in India.

Mrs Kelsall wrote:

Well done Joshua. I am glad you spotted the fact that Sikhs believe in one God just like we do as Christians. WE will be learning more about this next week!

Mrs Kelsall wrote:

We will be learning about the Guru Nanak next week too!

I am looking forward to next week....Keep your comments and questions coming guys!