Date: 9th May 2018 @ 1:33pm

Hello Year 5

On the 25th May we will be having a Multi Faith Day. During the day we will be looking at other faiths, so that we can become experts in them.

Year 5 will be showing our expert knowledge on Christianity. We will be showing other classes about the different branches of the Christian religion. They are known as denominations.

Look at the questions below and answer them on our blog!

Chat soon!

Mrs Knowles

What do you already know about Christianity?

What do you want to find out about Christianity?

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Jacob G wrote:

Christianity is a religion

Jacob G wrote:

Christians follow God and the teachings of Jesus. There are many branches of Christianity which are Roman Catholic, C of E and Methodist.

Jacob G wrote:

Is God real?

Jacob G wrote:

How was God born?

Eve J wrote:

I already know that...
Christianity is a religion based on the teachings and miracles of Jesus, the son of God.Christians believe in one God that created heaven, earth and the universe. The Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah or savior of the world. Trinity means God the farther, God the son and God the holy spirit.

I want to find out...
If God can, why doesn't he stop evil and sad things happening around the world?

Mrs Knowles wrote:

Wow! Some great comments so far.
I too would like to know the answers to both of your questions but I do know that we, as Christians, believe there is a God.
The things that happen around the world that are sad are carried out by people, not God and he lets us learn from our mistakes. If the world was perfect all the time, would we have truly lived? Jesus had to go through tough times when he was on Earth, so should we?

Jacob G wrote:

On now i understand both questions thank you😁

Jacob G wrote:

Christianity is a monothiestic religion that means it has one God

Benjamin Q wrote:

Christianity is a religion based on life, teaching and miracles of Jesus.

Where did God come from?

Millie B wrote:

Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on life, teaching and miracles of Jesus of Nazereth known by Christians as the christ or messiah who is the point of tge Christian faiths. I want to know when God created the world and what created him?

Matthew B wrote:

Christianity is a religion were people believe in 1 true high God and his son Jesus.
How do we know Jesus is Gods son?
Is God real?
How do we know any of this is real?

Mrs Knowles wrote:

The word god comes from the Hebrew Elohim. This word is a noun denoting plurality (the word represents more than one of something) which is God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).
God is a personal, all-powerful, all-knowing, eternal, loving, spirit-composed family who created everything that exists. What we call the Godhead is actually composed of two spirit Beings. The first one is the Father and the second one is Jesus Christ (see John 10:30 - 31, 33, 17:20 - 23 and 1John 3:1 - 2).
The person believers refer to as God the Father is composed entirely of Spirit and gloriously reigns over all that exists as a Sovereign Divine Ruler. His perfect and loving will is accomplished through the power of His Holy Spirit (the Spirit is His power, not a separate Being). He possesses all authority and is omnipotent (all powerful). He, who has boundless grace and mercy, is also the very definition of love.
Christianity is, at the moment, the biggest religion in the world with around 218 billion worshipers.