Date: 24th Apr 2018 @ 1:40pm

Welcome to Year One's blog all about Hinduism. On the 25th May we will be having a Multi Faith Day where we will become experts in a new faith. How very exciting!

What would you like to learn about Hinduism?

What do you already know about Hinduism?

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Kieran C wrote:

I would like to know what language they speak and more about there beliefs.
I know the three most important representations of Brahman are Brahma, the creator of the universe, Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, and Shivna,is the destroyer of the universe.

Faye T wrote:

Ther was nothing on the erf so they created the werld

Faye T wrote:

He created the sea the sky.

Isabelle C wrote:

I would like to learn about the different clothes they wear.

Faye T wrote:

God created a world and then the world was gon.

Brayden S wrote:

I like Hinduism gods video, he brought peace to earth and he made three things, Heaven, Earth and the Skies.
he made grass, flowers and living things. He made animals that could touch, see, sense and smell.
I like that god he is like our god Jesus who created the world and living animals and people.

Brayden Sharples Y1.

Mrs Ellis wrote:

Super questions and information found already Year One, keep up the good work!

James L wrote:

Hindu God is like are God. They created the world with all the living things.

Emily P wrote:

I would like to learn about what jewellery do they have and also about Ganesha?
I know that they have one God but he has different names. When he creates things he is called Brahma. When he looks after his creations he is called Vishnu and they also believe that Shiva will destroy everything.

Henry R wrote:

I think that Hindus believe when you die, you come back as someone or something else depending on how good or naughty you have been.

Lydia R wrote:

I would like to find out about why some of the statues have such funny names and why they look so different.

Lydia R wrote:

Hinduism is the third biggest religion in the world and is the main religion in India.

Jessica R wrote:

What type of food do Hindu`s eat?

Jessica R wrote:

How did Brahma make the animals?

Mason H wrote:

I would like to know how they wash themselves

Florence B wrote:

I want to learn about how they have three heads. I want to learn why they wear hats.
I want to learn why they wear jackets.

Alfie W wrote:

I know that they believe in 1 god who has different names for when he does different things.
I would like to learn more about their beliefs and where the religion came from in northern India.

Lola T wrote:

There was a lotus flower that split into three to create heaven, earth and skies. God had three different names, one that made animals and flowers another that looked after these and one that would destroy the universe.

I would like to know what food they eat.

Mia D wrote:

They created the world the heaven the earth and the sky. I would like to know what food they eat?

George M wrote:

I want to learn what types of clothes they wear? I know that they eat with their hands.

Archie T wrote:

I know hindu people believe gods take many forms , although the main god is called brahman which has 3 representations , creator , preserver, destroyer. I would like to learn how many followers of hindu there are ?

Mason L wrote:

I think they craeted the werld and the sea and the sky I think they made the animals I think they craeted evry singl werld. Becos ther was 3 gurls

Alicia K wrote:

God has 3 names, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Vishnu looked after the world and made heaven, skies and land.
Why do they have blue faces?

Maisie W wrote:

I would like to learn about what they eat.

Ben W wrote:

I would like to know if they eat any certain foods.I know that their religion has been going around for a long time but the name 'Hinduism' is quite new.

Amelia H wrote:

I would like to know how they live and what language they speak.
God has different names depending on what he does in the universe.

Tom W wrote:

I would like to know what language they speak, if they have special holidays and do they eat special food.

Tom W wrote:

I have learned that Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. Most hindus believe all humans have a soul and we are reincarnated many times.

Skylar H wrote:

I would like to know more about the kind of music thay listen to.

He created the earth, heaven and the skies.

Henry R wrote:

Why do they wear different clothes?

Alicia K wrote:

Why does God have 3 names?

Thomas H wrote:

I want to learn about the third largest religion in the world

Jake S wrote:

I want to know what the people are called that believe in hinduism.

How does the cobra go in the water.

I don't know anything else about Hinduism.