Date: 3rd May 2018 @ 5:38pm

Welcome to Year Two's blog all about Judaism. On the 25th May 2018 we will be taking part in our school 'Multi Faith Day'.  During the day we will become experts in a new faith. What an interesting day it is going to be!

What would you like to learn about Judaism?

What do you already know about Judaism?

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Mia E wrote:

I think the Macabee brothers were very brave, fighting against the Greek soldiers .
I am pleased they won so the jewish people get to celebrate Hanukkah.

Alex T wrote:

The Greek Soldiers were not very nice people. I'm glad the Maccabees stood up to them and won. (Although I would like to ride on an Elephant!)

Erin R wrote:

I think the Greek soldiers were very mean to attack the Jewish people.The Greek soldiers attacked because they wanted to take over the land.Hanukkah sounds like a nice way to celebrate the Macabee's revolt.

Amelia M wrote:

Jewish people light the Menorah candle to give thanks for Gods love and the miracle he preformed for their people.
I would like to hear more stories about Gods love being shown to the Jewish people.

James G wrote:

Why did the Greek King want the Jewish people to worship his Gods?

Max R wrote:

Did the Maccabees receive a reward for defeating Anitochus and retrieving the Menorah?

Harry H wrote:

I am looking forward to learning about Judaism faith in class.

Archie W wrote:

I was sad for the jewish people. I am so glad the Macabee family fought for them. I can’t believe they won!

Katie W wrote:

Why does the candle need oil ? I really enjoyed the story especially when the Macabees won the battle and put the candle back in the temple where it belonged.

Mrs Blackledge wrote:

Well done everyone, I'm so pleased you have added comments to the blog.
How exciting it is going to be learning about the Jewish faith!

Zahra K wrote:

I would like to know why the Jewish people light the candle at the synagogue for 8 days? From the video I learnt that the men that fought and won were called the Macabees.

Drake M wrote:

The Maccabee brothers were so brave.

Matthew D wrote:

I enjoyed watching the videos and learning about Judaism. The soldiers were mean. Do all religions have their own celebrations like the Hanikkah?

Lucie P wrote:

Jewish people celebrate the festival of lights every year it is called Hanukkah.

Jacob P wrote:

I think the Macabee brothers were very brave fighting the Greek soldier's. The Greek soldiers were very mean.

Jacob B wrote:

The Greek soldiers broke the menorah and destroyed the oil. The Macabees found a small supply of the special oil.

Jacob S wrote:

Im so surprised the Maccabees won the fight because they were fighting a lot of soldiers and three elephants.
How brave of the Maccabees to fight against a lot of mean soldiers.

Jacob S wrote:

Why did the candle need oil to be lit?

Tyler M wrote:

I think the Macabees were brave to stand up and fight for their beliefs.

Alexie C wrote:

Tha Macabee brothers were very brave. I’m happy they won the fight against the Greek Soliders

Penny H wrote:

i think the Jewish people are very brave because they stood up to the Greek soldier.

Lennon M wrote:

Really enjoyed the video. I'm looking forward to learning more about Judaism in class.