Date: 2nd May 2018 @ 1:26pm

Welcome to the Year 4 blog all about the Sikh Faith. On the 25th May we will be having a Multi Faith Day where we will become experts in a new faith. How very exciting!

What would you like to learn about the Sikh Faith?

What do you already know about the Sikh Faith?



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The Five Ks of Sikhism






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Rahaf A wrote:

I enjoyed it

Rahaf A wrote:

I enjoyed it

Sophie T wrote:

What I would like to learn about the Sikh faith:
- What are their traditional clothes?
- What do they wear on their heads and why?
- How do they pray?
- How many Gods do they pray to?

What do already know about the Sikh faith?
- They do not cut their hair
- Their hair is a gift from god
- They wear the 5 Ks
- The children do not wear the kirpan to school
By Sophie Toft

Heidi S wrote:

I wanted to know what type of clothes to wear and what food they eat.
I knew that Sikh people worshiped God.

Grace C wrote:

Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world.
There are over 30 million Sikhs worldwide.
Sikhs live in just about every major country around the world.
The vast majority of Sikhs live in the Punjab, a part of northern India.
Sikh men and woman cover their heads at all times as an expression of respect to their Gurus.

Neve B wrote:

I would like to learn what Sikhism is and who follows Sikhism.
Until I watched this video I didn't know anything about Sikhism. Now I know about the 5 k's.

Leah W wrote:

I would like to know what the clothes are called that the Sikhs wear? Leah

Matthew H wrote:

Sikh kids wear a small dagger attached to there neck by a chain. Sikh people have really long hair that they had to comb. I want to learn what Sikh eat and drink.

Dylan P wrote:

I want to learn about there vails and why they dont cut there hair and what the special comb is they use on there hair .
I know they wear a special steal braclet to help them with good deeds and this is one of the 5 articles of faith. I would like to learn about the other 4 articles of faith.

Tyler K wrote:

I would like to know why do sikhs cover their hair in cloths? How do they pray? I would also like to know if there is anything Sikh don't eat.

I enjoyed the video but I'm glad they don't bring the kirpan to school phew!

Noah B wrote:

I liked the donkey because it had tiger skin on the outside.