The Gerard Family of Ashton in Makerfield

Date: 11th Jun 2018 @ 2:28pm

Year 5, in our last term we are going to look at the Gerard Family of Ashton.

Can you tell me who they were?

Where did they live?

What did they do for a living?

Can you tell me any interesting facts about them?

What places in Ashton were named after them?

Are they still around today?


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Isaac R wrote:

the gerard family did live in bryn

Jessica L wrote:

The Gerard family are cre

the Gerard family helped win the Olympic

Reece B wrote:

The Gerard family lived at bryn hall

Reece B wrote:

Pieter was Thomas Gerards dad

Jacob G wrote:

The Gerard family.On the death of Sir Peter Gerard in 1380, his elder son, Thomas, succeeded and made Ashton. Unfortunately, The Gerard family are not around any more but one of them is still remaining.

Finley W wrote:

the names of the Gerard family Pieter and Thomas

Eve J wrote:

When Sir Peter Gerard died his eldest son, Thomas Gerard, inherited a lot of his belongings and both the Gerard and Bryn estates.

Adrian S wrote:

the Gerard centre is named after the Gerard family and Thomas Gerard

Samuel B wrote:

the erard family came from all around the world they lived in byrchal the golf course was part of the garden

Matthew B wrote:

Brychall high school was their home and ashton golf course was their back garden

Matthew B wrote:

Brychall high school was their home and ashton golf course was their back garden

Oliver L wrote:

the Gerard family were not just a small family they were vast family, on the death of sir peter Gerard his son succeeded impressive inheritance

Matthew B wrote:

the 1st Gerard was William Fitzgerald

Sam F wrote:

the gerard family lived in byrchall high school and ashton golf course was their back garden.

Benjamin Q wrote:

The names of them are, Sir Thomas Gerrard, William Gerrard, Pieter Gerrard, and John Gerrard.

Sam F wrote:

One of the family members was Thomas Gerard.

Finley W wrote:

some of the names of the Gerard family are john joye and Thomas

Finley W wrote:

there has been 13 members of the Aston Gerard famile

Mrs Knowles wrote:

Thank you. Lots of interesting information! I am sure we are going to find out lots more.