Comments we have received about our school:-

  • ‘Teaching is good.  It promotes good progress in all subjects and prepares pupils successfully to make the most of their future education’ – Ofsted Report 2013
  • ‘Strong focus on respect for rights’ ‘High quality care the school gives each pupil’ – Ofsted Report 2013
  • ‘Pupils feel safe and secure’, ‘Enjoy trusting relationships’ – Ofsted Report 2013
  • ‘Staff morale is high and all are committed to securing further improvements’ – Ofsted Report 2013
  • ‘My child says that PE is fantastic’ – School Governor
  • ‘You run a lot of after-school clubs’ – Parent
  • ‘I love learning’ – Y1 child
  • ‘Thank you all and God Bless you all for all your efforts for the children’ – Parent
  • ‘Thank you everyone who has contributed to the start of this learning journey’ – Reception parent
  • ‘Thank you for being so welcoming and kind.  The children at your school are a credit to you’ – ITT student
  • ‘We’re happy she is enjoying school and showing an eagerness to learn’ – Y2 parent
  • ‘The sheer passion for life and celebration of achievement is outstanding within this school’ – Jenny Meadows (Olympic Athlete)